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At Quoppo, we're on a mission to transform by using groundbreaking AI solutions to tackle real-world problems. Our approach is simple: we believe in innovation, collaboration, excellence, and people. Innovation drives everything we do, and it's our top priority. We're all about pushing the limits of AI technology to find creative solutions for even the toughest challenges. Our team loves to brainstorm new ideas, test out the latest techniques, and work together to turn those ideas into reality. In short, we're passionate about making big changes

Ishan Daga


Ishan Daga

At Golain, we envision a future where technology not only solves problems but also creates opportunities for all. Our dream is to build a community of trailblazers, where collaboration sparks innovation and drives progress towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Join the vibrant Quoppo team! We're constantly seeking talented individuals who are passionate about AI, entrepreneurship, real-world relevance, and solving meaningful problems collaboratively. If you're driven to make a difference alongside a dedicated team, we want to hear from you!